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HELLO WORLD! December 17, 2013

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"Special Things" Gallery

Welcome to “Special Things” Antique & Collectible Jewelry Memphis,Tennessee   

“Antique jewelry is not just our business, it’s our Passion!

Our aim for the blog is to offer helpful topics and answers to your questions about antique and collectible jewelry crafted in the past thru today.

  • How and why it was made.
  • How to tell if it’s the real deal.
  • How it should be repaired, restored and/or updated if needed.
  • Where to find other sources of information and more!
  • And, we’ll be posting “white paper reports” that will help in your search and rescue of jewelry treasures.

Special Things offers a large selection of antique, collectible and exciting custom-made fashion jewelry and gifts plus, expert, old-school repair, restoration and updating services.

Need help:

  • Getting your antique jewelry expertly repaired or updated?
  • Finding correct antique replacement gem stones?
  • Choosing the best antique jewelry investments for you?
  • Making sure what you are considering is a real antique?
  • Special care needed for your jewelry treasures?
  • Knowing what’s collectible and what’s not?

Just email, come by or contact us, we’re to help.  (If possible, please send pictures)

Please ask questions, I’ll be happy to answer them and, if you’re in the Memphis, Mid-South area, feel free to stop by for a chat and review of our collection.

(Bye-the-way, the shop is pet friendly, our 2 full-time helpers, Teddy & Tucker “HavaMalt” pups, love kids & love to play with everyone.)


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